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What is “Titty Bar Trip?” In case the title of this website doesn’t explain at all, I’ll fill you in. Titty Bar Trip is a strip club review website. You may be asking yourself if such a thing is really needed. I think it is. If I didn’t think that, I wouldn’t have created this website!

There are actually surprisingly few outlets for strip club reviews on the internet, even now in the age of reviewing everything from a hot dog to a hairdresser. You can’t exactly review a strip club on Amazon alongside your book and grocery purchases.

Some people do post personal reviews of strip clubs at places like Google reviews and even Yelp! That’s problematic for a few reasons. The biggest one is that you simply don’t know who the people leaving the reviews are. What if it is just someone from a strip club trying to pump up their own business? Even worse, what if it is someone from the competition or a disgruntled ex employee talking down on the place? Besides that, there is the question as to whether mainstream sites like Yelp are appropriate for strip club reviews. I don’t think they are, because you can’t really write whatever you want to write about places where women get totally naked and dance right in front of your face.

Titty Bar Trip doesn’t have any of those problems. While you don’t necessarily know who I am, you at least can rest easy in the knowledge that the reviews written here are all penned by the same guy. So there is a level of consistency. On top of that, you can take my word that I have no interest in any strip club anywhere in the world and I haven’t worked for any either. So, you can be assured that the reviews posted here are all impartial. Finally, since I write all the content of this website myself and set my own rules, you know that what you read here is what I want to write with no filters or website rules to get in the way.

The only really committed strip club review site is The Ultimate Strip Club List also known as TUSCL for short. Sadly, the site just isn’t that good. You can only see certain things when you get on it unless you want to sign up for a premium account, and who wants to do that? When I have extra money I want to take it to a titty bar and spend it on a hot chick. Isn’t that the whole point?

You will never have to pay a single red cent to read anything and everything here on the Titty Bar Trip website. Sure I might not cover as many places as TUSCL but you can read everything here for free and trust in the fact that you have a sense of who is doing the reviewing and why.

Who is behind Titty Bar Trip?

Who am I? I’m just a regular American dude who loves nice tits on hot chicks. It doesn’t get any more involved than that. My love of boobies has taken me into strip clubs all over the world. Some were fantastic, others were horrific. Most landed somewhere in between.

Titty Bar Trip is named after a common exclamation made by one of my best friends over the years. No matter the situation he would always yell out “titty bar trip!” on a regular basis. Whenever we had no plans, or in the middle of ongoing plans, or when life hit a lull, he would say: “titty bar trip!” I am glad he did, because my various trips to titty bars solo or together with my best bud have brought a lot of fun into an otherwise boring life.

Contact Me

If for whatever reason you need to contact me, you can do so by using the contact form below. I am open to your questions no matter what they may be. I’m also up for just hearing what you have to say. I will do my best to reply to you as soon as possible.

If you have a general question or comment about strip clubs you’d probably be better off just posting a comment on this website. I’ll likely reply to comments left on the general site a lot faster since they pop up on my dashboard and can help other people checking out the Titty Bar Trip site too.

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