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Published on September 21st, 2018 | by Ti T Boy


Review of Billboard strip club in Bangkok, Thailand

Review of Billboard strip club in Bangkok, Thailand Ti T Boy

Summary: With a full staff that includes full nude babes with great bodies getting soapy in the bath tub, Billboard is a truly great bar!


Great Place

Billboard is one of the biggest go go bars in Bangkok. As I have explained before, go go bars in Southeast Asia are more or less like American strip clubs with a few notable exceptions. In most go go bars the women who dance on stage will have sex with customers for money. It is of various legalities depending on the location, but it’s pretty broadly accepted and as far as I know, no one has ever been arrested for having sex with a go go dancer in the history of Thailand.

Billboard is on the top floor of Nana Plaza. Nana Plaza is a big complex filled with go go bars and a handful of regular bars too. In most of the go go bars in Nana and Bangkok in general, the women wear bikinis when they dance. Nudity is apparently officially prohibited. In spite of that, there are fully nude bars like Crazy House around. Apparently they are owned by connected people. The more “regular” go go bars sometimes slip nudity in too however, and that includes in Billboards. With regular nudity, I think Billboards qualifies as a strip club.

There are a lot of bars in Nana Plaza. Some have been around for many years. Others are a lot newer. Billboards hasn’t been around for that long, but it’s already gained a good reputation.

Billboards takes up a rather large space. It’s kind of empty looking early in the evening but it quickly fills up. On top of that the openness is appreciated. Other places like Baccara can get so packed that you can barely move. The open space lets you see around the bar too, which is great since there are three stages and lots of ladies around.

At the very far left of the floor there is a large bathtub with a stage built around it. There are usually three or more ladies there dancing in the soapy water or on the wood around the stage. They are of course fully nude. They tend to be some of the better looking babes in the place too. Customers can sit around the tub at specially made seats or on seats along the wall with a long view.

Billboard Bangkok Thailand

There are two big stripper style stages complete with poles too. There are usually ten to twenty women working those stages in their bikinis. I have seem some with their tops off on stage too, but I don’t know how regular the practice is. It may depend on the climate.

As with any place there is a mix of women. Sure they’re all Thai, but there is still a lot of variation. They’ve got the super skinny chicks, the chunks chicks, and even the occasional thoroughbred. Some are natural and some have colored hair and tons of tattoos.

There’s no on stage tipping at Thai go go bars. At least it was never a regular practice. Some guys now feel the need to tip the dancers on stage as they go about their uninspired two step. It’s like they want to introduce the ways of strips clubs in America to Thailand.

The main way dancers at Billboard and any other Thai go go bar is through lady drinks and extracurricular activities. When a customer buys a lady drink, the lady he buys the drink for gets a cut of the money. Normally guys buy these drinks for dancers they like if they want to get closer to them, talk, or ask them to go outside. Lady drink prices at Billboards are reasonable and fair for Nana Plaza at around 160 Baht. Drinks for customers aren’t bad either, with beers at 80 Baht.

Customers who want to have sex with the dancers just ask them if they’re up for it. Usually they are, because they want to make money. A lot of them are hot, with many being better looking than the average American stripper these days in my opinion, especially when it comes to their bodies. Still it’s not that expensive. The bar fine is 700 Baht, or about $21 US Dollars. That money goes to the bar. The dancer gets her own tip which is negotiable but usually 1500 Baht, or about $46 bucks.

Most people in this situation probably just use the short time hotel rooms right in Nana Plaza. There’s one right next to Billboard. They are 500 Baht for two hours and they get a lot of use. They even sell condoms right at the counter. You don’t see that at Flashdancers!

Billboard is located in Nana Entertainment Plaza on Soi Nana, Bangkok, Thailand (MAP HERE). The club is open every day from 7:00 PM to 1:00 AM. The website is

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