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Published on September 22nd, 2018 | by Ti T Boy


Review of Spanky’s strip club in Bangkok, Thailand

Review of Spanky’s strip club in Bangkok, Thailand Ti T Boy

Summary: Themed bars can be annoying. Spanky's usually isn't. The naked chicks showering in the corner have a lot to do with that.


Good Place

The go go bars in Thailand are famous all around the world. I would call some go go bars like Spanky’s in Bangkok a strip club. There are women inside and they strip their clothes off, so what’s wrong with my description?

Spanky’s is located inside of Nana Plaza. It’s on the second floor. There are a bunch of signs in front but you might miss them in the mix of things. There’s a whole lot going on most of the time.

Nana Plaza is so wild with half naked ladies (and ladyboys!) walking around everywhere, all kinds of flashing lights, people, and music and smoke pumping out everywhere.

The first time you go there you can really get lost in it all. Still, it would be almost impossible to miss Spanky’s because they literally have chicks posted up in front of the place spanking everyone who walks by!

Spanky’s is a themed bar, and the theme is smacking asses. Their logo is even a big hand print on a round ass. Inside and outside of the bar they have chicks spanking customers, potential customers, and each other. Seriously.

There’s no need to worry or wear padded shorts though. They paddle each other with these soft foam sticks that make a huge smacking sound but cause absolutely no pain whatsoever. At most it can get annoying if one of the chicks hits you over the head with a piece of foam a few times, but I always make it clear as soon as I get inside that I’m not into getting beat. That always works for me.

Spanky's Bangkok dancers

Spanky’s gets crowded. People are smashed all around the stage which is filled with Thai women mostly in bikinis. You can see some tits sometimes soon. The main nudity is in the back corner though. They have a shower with a glass wall around it installed there and there’s usually a chick butt naked washing herself down.

This is really hot and erotic, but the bad thing is that it’s located away from the stage. So you can’t see the shower from parts of the bar. Even if you can see the shower you basically have to chose between watching the stage or the shower. The bath tub show at Billboard is a lot better, but I am not going to complain too much. Sitting below a hot Asian chick with a great body as she takes a shower is awesome!

As with all go go bars in Thailand the dancers have sex with customers. Most of them do it right in the 500 Baht short time hotels in Nana Plaza. They even have condoms for sale at the front desk. There is no set price for sex that I know of but most of the dancers want 1500 Baht which is only $46 American dollars. The bar charges 600 Baht to take a dancer out of the bar temporarily too. I guess they have to get their cut.

Drinks in the bar are 170 Baht which is fair for the area. You rarely find them much cheaper in Nana Plaza nowadays. The staff is good at getting your drinks too even in the midst of dealing with all the people and spanking!

Spanky’s is a cool place. I only wish it didn’t get so crowded. Then again, it’s only crowded because it’s such a cool place. What are you going to do?

Spanky’s is located in Nana Entertainment Plaza on Soi Nana, Bangkok, Thailand (MAP HERE). The club is open every day from 7:00 PM to 1:00 AM. The website is

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