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Published on September 12th, 2018 | by Ti T Boy


Review of Club Erotica strip club in Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Review of Club Erotica strip club in Pittsburgh, PA, USA Ti T Boy

Summary: Erotica might be one of the best known strip clubs in Pittsburgh, but it is definitely not the best strip club in the area.


Below Average

For a city of its size, Pittsburgh has a lot of strip clubs. The city has more strips clubs than some entire states. Some of the clubs are alright. Some are terrible. Erotica is one of the oldest and most well known strip clubs in Pittsburgh.

Well, Erotica isn’t really in Pittsburgh. It’s in McKees Rocks. That’s not a great town, but it’s a place for people who like strip clubs. I think there used to be three strip clubs in McKees Rocks. Now there is only Erotica.

Erotica isn’t all that visible. It’s on a main street but the building is kind of plain looking from outside. It probably used to be some kind of industrial plant years ago. They have parking sort of in the front and to the side in some worn parking lots, but that’s not great either.

At the front of Erotica there’s a booth where you pay the whopping $20 cover charge. I guess they justify this by giving free drinks once you’re inside, but it’s still a lot higher than you see in most other small town strip clubs so it stings anyway.

There are all kinds of weird rules when it comes to strip clubs and alcohol in America. In this particular locality it seems that it’s illegal to sell alcohol in any place with full nudity. So instead of having the dancers put on panties, they just give out all you can drink, as long as you drink beer or soda.

I don’t know what the idea behind prohibiting alcohol at fully nude establishments is, but a few places across the US have these kinds of rules. Do they think drunk guys won’t be able to control themselves in the presence of naked girls? If so, it’s a moot point. Places like Erotica just give out free alcohol to get around the rules, which means a lot of guys get drunker than they would if they had to pay a lot of money for drinks.

Club Erotica Pittsburgh stage

Anyway, Erotica is pretty big inside. There’s a small stage by the door. Against a wall, there’s the bar where they give out free beer. Then there’s the main stage, which is pretty large. There are seats around both stages plus some other seats away from the stages. Upstairs there’s a room for lapdances. That’s filled with couches and a roaming bouncer.

Lap dances are $20 each. They last as long as a song. You sort of lay back in lounge chair and they climb all over you fully nude. You are some times able to touch the dancers by their invitation, but nothing ever gets too wild. That’s true in the overly expensive VIP room too. Chris Rock was right in this case.

On the stage there’s usually a few chicks dancing at once. They do their usual routine and get butt naked. Then they more or less work their way around the stage doing a sort of up close and personal dance for each guy seated there. The guys are then expected to give them a dollar. It is what it is.

Erotica has a gaudy sort of vibe, but that’s pretty much what you expect of strip clubs in places like this. As an example, the stage seems to be made out of some kind of sparkly plastic type of shit that you’d wouldn’t see anywhere outside of maybe a disco in the 1980’s.

Pittsburgh isn’t the most diverse city in the world, and the strip clubs mostly reflect that. At Erotica the customers are mostly white guys. The dancers are mostly white too. You would hope that some of the chicks from the many nearby colleges would come work the poles. That doesn’t seem to be the case. It’s mostly locals, some with big hair and lots of tattoos, many with flabby tits and stomachs from motherhood. There are a few black chicks too. In many visits, I haven’t seen chicks of any color that really caught my eye.

I usually leave Erotica pretty soon after I arrive. That might be why the rather high cover charge sticks in my craw. I never feel like I’m getting a lot of value for my dollar. There are too many better places, including some just a few minutes away.

Club Erotica is located at 826 Island Ave, Pittsburgh, PA USA 15136 (MAP HERE). The club is open every day from 7:00 PM to 4:00 AM. The phone number is 412-771-8872. The website is

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