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Published on September 27th, 2018 | by Ti T Boy


Review of Juliet’s Gentlemen’s Club in Erie, PA, USA

Review of Juliet’s Gentlemen’s Club in Erie, PA, USA Ti T Boy

Summary: Juliet's is a fun place to spend a few hours. It's not the best strip club in the world and it doesn't claim otherwise.


Good Place

Juliet’s Gentlemen’s Club is a strip club right dead in the middle of Erie. Don’t expect to see much from the outside though. You won’t find any big building or flashing neon sign board Las Vegas style. The place is located inside of a house.

You read that right. I don’t know if putting titty bars in houses is a local tradition in Pennsylvania or what, but I’ve seen it there at least three times. The Tennyson Lounge is in a house too, even though one reviewer on Yelp said they thought the place was actually a cow barn.

Pennsylvania is strange when it comes to strip clubs. It’s not as bad as some states where you can’t even find a titty bar. There are actually a lot of strip clubs in Pennsylvania. The rules are weird though, and they don’t seem to be uniform. At a lot of strip clubs the dancers get fully nude but you can’t buy alcohol. Right in Erie, Partner’s Tavern has totally naked dancers. Meanwhile, at Juliet’s the women only sort of get topless. They wear panties and take their tops off, but they have paint or pasties over their nipples. It’s not too bad since the paint usually wears off quickly, but I can’t help but wonder who makes up these rules and why.

Juliet's Gentlemen's Club Erie

Anyway, the cover charge at Juliet’s is only five bucks. The place isn’t too bad inside either. It has multiple rooms like you would expect of a house, but it’s not a trashy dump or anything. It’s probably nicer than Partner’s inside.

The room with the stage is the main area. There’s a bar on one side then a stage with seats around it. The stage has a mirrored wall and a pole like you would expect. The dancers come out one at a time and do a multi-song strip tease that ends with them pulling off weird “erotic” positions with their tits out. I can’t take this stuff too seriously, but it’s fun to watch.

There are maybe six dancers at Juliet’s most nights. It has an even mix of white and black dancers in their twenties. There aren’t too many old birds around thankfully. It doesn’t seem to get crowded. Mostly older white guys show up with a few others. Everyone is cool and respectful from what I’ve seen though some NIMBY’s might disagree.

Lapdances go for twenty bucks each. They’re done in their own special private area but they’re no high mileage. Customers get a lot more for their dollar over at Partner’s for sure. Still this place brings in customers and I can see why. Juliet’s might not be the best little whorehouse in Texas, but it is the best titty bar house in Erie.

Juliet’s Gentlemen’s Club is located at 2022 W 8th St, Erie, PA 16505 (MAP HERE). The club is open every day from 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM. Website: The phone number is 814-454-2345.

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