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Published on September 11th, 2018 | by Ti T Boy


Review of Paradise Saloon strip club in Lawrence, Kansas, USA

Review of Paradise Saloon strip club in Lawrence, Kansas, USA Ti T Boy

Summary: This isn't the best titty bar by any means, but it's not bad either. Worth a visit if you find yourself in Lawrence for some reason.


Pretty Good

You might not expect much in the way of titty bars from a town like Lawrence, Kansas, which is seemingly in the middle of nowhere. The place probably wouldn’t be known by anyone outside of the immediate area at all if it wasn’t for Bleeding Kansas and the University of Kansas. Kansas isn’t bleeding anymore but the University is still going strong and as with many college towns that means there are plenty of titty bars around.

Frankly none of the strip clubs in Lawrence are fantastic, but Paradise Saloon isn’t bad considering where it is located. The people inside are laid back and don’t try to take you for a ride. As you’ll see, the club even packs a pleasant surprise!

Paradise Saloon is just outside of the main part of the city. It’s in a pretty plain looking building with a huge parking lot and some banners outside letting you know that it is indeed a titty bar. Otherwise you might not have any clue.

Lawrence is one of the many places in the US with strange strip club regulations. I don’t know how it all works, but to enter Paradise Saloon you have to have a membership in the club. Or at least one person in your group does. Others can come along as a guest of a member. What that means is that you have to pay $20 to sign up for a membership if its your first time. You show your ID and sign a small form and the big bouncer slash manager guy behind the glass does the rest. Anyone else in your party pays $5 to enter.

That sounds pretty weird right? Well it’s better than it used to be. A few years ago you had to go through a ten day waiting period to get a membership at the club. You don’t even have to wait that long to buy a gun!

Once you’re inside Paradise Lounge you see about what you might expect. It’s pretty much like an actual club house. It’s not a huge place. There are some tables right in front of you. On the right there is a long bar. In the back on the right wall is a stage with a pole and some more chairs. To the left there is a semi private seating area where the lap dances go down.

Because it is a private club, smoking is allowed at Paradise Lounge. I’m not a smoker but I’m used to breathing in smoke after spending so many days in titty bars. Some people do smoke in Paradise, but it doesn’t get too smokey inside.

There are about a half dozen chicks working at Paradise Lounge. Most of them are chubby white chicks. I saw at least one pretty huge chick too. She wasn’t shy at all, but some might say she should be. I know different guys have different tastes but I am old enough to remember a time when the “standard of beauty” thin sexy chick with decent tits was what you usually say in strip clubs. Oh well.

Paradise Saloon deserves credit for being one of the only strip clubs in the US, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, to have an Indian dancer in the line up. I mean a real Indian from India, not an Native American from the local Haskell Indian University. There are over a billion Indians in the world but for some reason very few of them end up showing their tits on stage or in porno. Maybe it’s a cultural thing.

Paradise Saloon Lawrence Kansas

Not only does Paradise have an Indian chick dancing in the club, they have a super hot Indian chick dancing around. She is a slim college student with big brown hooters that you just want to feed on as soon as you see. Seriously, she’s that hot.

She’s not just that hot in relation to the other chicks either. She would be hot on her own or even in the best strip clubs of New York or Vegas. Being on staff with a bunch of not otherwise great looking girls might make her appear more attractive though to be honest.

The dancers take the stage one at a time. They do the normal three song routine and get topless by the end. They don’t take off their panties because Paradise Lounge is not a fully nude club. It’s a strange setup though. Since the stage is at ground level and not elevated, and since there are no seats immediately around the stage, tipping a dancer requires that you actually walk up the stage in front of everyone then wait for the dancer to come get the money. Usually they’ll rub their tits in your face as a reward but I would personally rather not be standing up in front of everyone in the room while that happens.

Lap dances are available in the seats on the side. They’re not behind a wall or anything, but since they’re behind the other seats they are pretty private. Dances are $20 a song which is reasonable. The dancers are really cool and the bouncer doesn’t get involved in the process at all. You just tip directly to the dancers themselves. The biggest pain is that the female bartender tends to pop over regularly and ask if you want drinks right in the middle of you getting your grind on. No thanks hun, I’ll let you know if I get thirsty!

I don’t think the chicks make a ton of money at Paradise. They don’t have high expectations either. If you go for a few dances and hand over close to a hundred bucks they seem to get awfully excited. That’s kind of cool and a big change from clubs in places like New York where a hundred dollar tip barely gets noticed.

The crowd at Paradise Lounge is mostly local. What else would it be? The customers are a mixed bunch. You see Asian college students along with local white and black guys. A lot of them know each other and pal around, but there’s no bad vibe toward outsiders that I noticed. Everything was laid back. The bouncer guy doesn’t even bother customers or give random dirty looks like you see in some of these middle America places which is nice.

Drink prices are really reasonable at Paradise. A beer is just two or three bucks. A glass of Coke is even cheaper. It’s about a dollar. They don’t try to extort you on the drinks at all. Hard liquor is also available.

Paradise Lounge is far from being the best strip club in the world. It’s not bad though, especially considering the location. I would visit again if I was in town. If I lived there I’d probably be somewhat of a regular.

Paradise Lounge is located at 26197 Chieftain Rd, Lawrence, KS, USA 66044 (MAP HERE). The club is open every day from 11:30 AM to 2:00 AM. The phone number is 785-843-9601. The website is

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