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Published on September 26th, 2018 | by Ti T Boy


Review of Partner’s Tavern strip club in Erie, PA, USA

Review of Partner’s Tavern strip club in Erie, PA, USA Ti T Boy

Summary: It's not a high end executive club, but it doesn't pretend to be. There are a lot of dancers and they go a long way to make customers happy.


Good Place

Partner’s Tavern is a strip club in Erie, Pennsylvania. Erie is one of the biggest cities in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is one of the biggest states in Pennsylvania. Partner’s is probably the biggest titty bar in Erie. I say all of this because you might not otherwise know.

Partner’s Tavern is out of down on a long dark road that looks like it is leading to nowhere (or to Ohio, but what’s the difference?). When you finally get to the place you see an unassuming building connected to a beer store, and not much else.

When you walk in Partner’s it looks like some kind of old social club, complete with some old guys playing cards on a table at the front who might look up just long enough to collect your ten dollar cover charge. Oh, they also take breaks to change CDs in the rotating old school CD player they have there; better than a loud mouth DJ!

There is a bar to the right, but the place doesn’t sell alcohol. That’s some weird Pennsylvania thing. If you want fully nude dancers you have to bring your own booze. The bar can’t sell it, but maybe they can give it away like the Filly Corral does. Who knows? I don’t write the laws. I just follow them begrudgingly. Anyway, if you want to drink beer or alcohol at Partner’s you either have to bring your own or buy it next door.

There is a rectangle stage in the middle of the place with seats around both sides. There are also a lot of tables and chairs around. If you sit at the stage you’re supposed to tip. It’s not bad if you do. The chicks don’t expect too much and they provide a lot of mileage. They also get fully nude on stage and spend a lot of time in the buff off stage too.

Partner's Tavern Erie Pennsylvania

Local clicks of dudes do show up and get the most attention, but they don’t bother out of towners. At least they never bothered me and my titty bar hitting partner in two visits. No one paid much attention to us at all other than the dancers, and that’s just how I like it.

There are a surprisingly large number of dancers at Partner’s. You might see the place and expect to find four dancers inside. You’d be wrong. Think more like two dozen. They’re mostly skinny white girls from the area but you see one or two black girls with mondo tits jiggling around up on stage too.

Lap dances go down in private booths on the side. There are curtains to block them from view. It’s a great set up with no lousy bouncers staring you down while you enjoy yourself. The price for a dance is only $15 with bulk dance discounts available. The dancers stay nude for the dances which can be very high mileage.

Partner’s Tavern is a surprising strip club considering the out of the way middle of nowhere location. Sometimes these kinds of bars are real horrors. Partner’s Tavern is actually pretty damn good! The only complaint that I have about the place at all is that it is only open on the weekends. I guess that’s all the local economy can bare.

Partner’s Tavern is located at 4712 E Lake Rd, Erie, PA 16511 (MAP HERE). The club is open Friday and Saturday from 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM. The phone number is 814-898-2878.

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