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Published on September 14th, 2018 | by Ti T Boy


Review of The Filly Corral strip club in Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Review of The Filly Corral strip club in Pittsburgh, PA, USA Ti T Boy

Summary: One of the best Pittsburgh strip clubs even though it's not actually in Pittsburgh. Roomy and with great private rooms that aren't too expensive.


Good Place

The Filly Corral is a strip club in the middle of nowhere. Most people call it a Pittsburgh strip club and I will too, but only because I don’t know what else to call it. There’s nothing around the place but an interstate highway, a truck stop, and a whole bunch of trees.

It’s probably best to call The Filly Corral a Pennsylvania strip club since it’s actually an hour from Pittsburgh. Located in an area called Smithton, it’s a couple of hours to stage college and way too far from Philly to make the trip.

You really have to look out for the place. It’s on a back road behind a truck stop. There’s no big flashing sign either. It’s in a building that looks like it belongs in an office park on the inside.

Because The Filly Corral is in the middle of nowhere you might expect it to be a dump. It’s not. It’s actually a large and really nice club. It’s roomy and all decked out in wood inside. There’s a huge bar where you can enjoy free drinks and still see the stage with no obstacles.

They also have nice big booths in the back near a big screen television that plays sports, a lot of tables and chairs on the floor, and chairs all the way around the gigantic stage with several poles where the chicks dance.

The place has a Western cowboy theme but that’s no weirder than the monster trucks in the area flying the confederate flag even though Pennsylvania was in the Union is it? Some people love their John Wayne. If a bar has to have a theme they could do worse. Imagine a bakery themed titty bar? That would get a rise out of you.

The cover charge at the Corral is a whopping $20, but it does come with free drinks so it’s not all that bad. There are some bouncers around but you barely see them so it’s no big deal. The Philly Corral isn’t a locals only kind of place where they stare at outsiders. It’s next to a truck stop so they probably get new people all the time. I don’t know how many locals are even around since it looks like it’s nothing but trees.

Filly Corral is really hit or miss. I’ve passed through many times. Once it was amazing with a never ending stream of hot chicks in their early twenties taking the stage in twos all night long. Later I went back and there were just a handful of mediocre women dancing one at a time.

The Filly Corral stripper

Sometimes you’ll see a lot of hot chicks and other times you’ll see a lot of chubby or even fat chicks, heavily tattooed chicks, and old ladies. I swear I saw a dancer in the Filly Corral that could have been a mom to the rest of the dancers.

One thing that never changes at Filly Corral is that you don’t get a great mix of women. It’s normally all white girls. I think I might have seen a single black dancer there one night but she disappeared and never came back to the stage. I’ve never seen an Asian or Spanish girl in the Corral, and I doubt I ever will.

The Filly Corral is a fully nude bar. The chicks take it all off on stage and some stay nude when they walk around, but usually they wear bikinis or stripper gear. The dancers are mostly friendly and they’ll come right up to you and talk for a while even if you aren’t throwing out huge wads of money.

You can actually hang at the bar or in the back all night and never spend a dime if you want. If you sit at the stage you only have to throw out a buck or two now and then. They don’t pressure you for money.

Lap dances are $20 a song. There’s a lap dance room in the back filled with lounge chairs. The chicks grind all over you and they usually invite you to touch their boobs all you want. There’s a management type guy back there but he minds his business.

There are some VIP Rooms at The Filly Corral too and they don’t cost all that much. You can take a dancer to a private room starting at around $125 for 20 minutes. They get totally naked and do intense lap dances. There’s a camera in the room but also plenty of tissues too. There’s no sex in the champagne room but you might get invited to tug yourself off or get treated to a grind that makes you ruin your pants.

That alone makes The Filly Corral worth a stop for me when I’m passing through, but only if the timing is right. The club is totally closed some days and not to lively on others. The last time I was there it was starting to snow and the place looked almost deserted.

The Filly Corral is located at 150 Motordrome Road, Smithton, PA USA 15479 (MAP HERE). The club is open Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 7:00 pm to 2:00 am and Friday and Saturday from 7:00 pm to 4:00 am. The phone number is 724-872-6104. The website is

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