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Published on September 15th, 2018 | by Ti T Boy


Review of the Tennyson Lodge strip club in Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Review of the Tennyson Lodge strip club in Pittsburgh, PA, USA Ti T Boy

Summary: This definitely isn't the best strip clubs in the world by any means, but it is one of the most unique. By unique I mean really strange.



As you can probably tell, I have been to a lot of strip clubs around the world. The Tennyson Lodge strip club might be the strangest of them all. Read the rest of my review of this Pittsburgh area strip club to see why.

In reviews of other Pennsylvania strip clubs, I said that Pittsburgh has a lot of strip clubs for a city of its size. The truth is that a lot of the clubs aren’t actually in the city though. They’re outside of it. That’s as true for the Tennyson Lodge as it is for Club Erotica and The Filly Corral.

The Filly Corral is way out of the way. Club Erotica is close enough to the city to confuse people into thinking it is actually in Pittsburgh. The Tennyson Lodge is like that too. It’s just outside of the city limits in a suburban area filled with shops.

You might never know that the Tennyson Lodge was a strip club because it’s inside a converted house like AAA Exclusive in Prague. There’s a sign and a parking lot, but other than that it looks like an insurance office or something. That seems to be a trend in this part of the world. The Filly Corral looks like it’s in a business park.

Anyway the Tennyson is really like a house. You walk inside and the ceilings are low enough to touch. There’s a square bar in the front then the main bar area in the back. Back there you’ve got a lot of cheap chairs facing a small stage with a pole. In the corner there’s a

Behind the bar you usually find one of the members of the family that runs the place plus their dog. Yeah, seriously. It’s a family owned place with a mom and her maybe 35 year old daughter running the place while their cuddly dog hangs around.

Titty bar dog

You might not think the place would be that wild then, but it kind of is. It’s a fully nude strip club and the dancers aren’t shy about spreading wide to give you the full gynecological view. They even go as far as doing nude karaoke on stage in what is called “bareoke.”

The cover charge at the Tennyson Lodge is only $5. That’s not bad at all. Neither are drink prices. A bottle of beer is like $3. You don’t see that in New York City.

There are four or five dancers every night. I guess you could say there’s a mix of women. They’re pretty much all white but some are fat while others and skinny. One dancer there is easily approaching fifty years of age if she hasn’t hit that landmark already.

You can hang at the Tennyson without spending much money because the seats at the bar all give a view of the main stage and a smaller stage in the back. Even sitting on the seats is cheap because it’s not the kind of place where you’re forced to tip. The place is couples friendly too. I’ve seen plenty of mixed dates at the place. It’s definitely a local hangout but as an outside I’ve never been hassled at all in several visits, even the time dudes in Biker gang jackets kept coming in and out all night long.

Lap dances are $20 a song, but they’re done right in the corner of the main room behind a little makeshift wall. There’s not much to it. I took the only black girl I ever saw in the bar back there once for a dance but I got out of there after the first song because I got a strong whiff of rotten fish when she started twerking. Yuck!

They have a DJ like most strip clubs, but the guy at the Tennyson is especially annoying for some reason. I guess he’s just trying to doing his job the best way he knows, but I personally could do without the guy screaming over the microphone all the time. Other than that it’s a pretty cool place, considering that it’s a fully nude strip club in some family’s house.

The Tennyson Lodge is located at 4797 Library Rd, Bethel Park, PA 15102 USA 15479 (MAP HERE). The club is open Tuesday through Saturday from 8:00 pm to 2:00 am. The phone number is 412-833-4442. The website is

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